The Hasidic World Really Needs to Get in on This

Participants from the International German Beard and Moustache Championships in Hesel, Germany.
I’m not saying that the Chabadnikim and the Bresloverim and the Gerrerim and whoever else has to go competetive if they don’t want, but come on, boys! We have all these tremendously gigantic beards in our various communities! Why not give them a little bit of style?
And how cool would a Davvening at the Kotel beard, or a Sefer Torah beard, or a Kabbalistic Tree of Life beard be? Shamayim’s the limit, people!
(X-posted to Jerusaelm Syndrome)
ETA: Schuper schweet: beard competition excellence is coming to NYC motzei Lag B’Omer. All you hairy yidden, get ready!

5 thoughts on “The Hasidic World Really Needs to Get in on This

  1. Danya:
    Whoever you are, I love you. If I have my way someday, the Lag Ba’Omer Moustache Contest will be a universal practice in the mainstream Jewish community.

  2. I just saw two chicks yesterday in Times Square with hair just like that. There’s hope for us New Yorkers, yet!

  3. while i think we can all agree the chassidim have awesome beards, i think entering in a beard contest, um, probably not a good idea.
    i know in meshilas yesharim is something to the effect that if one takes great pride in the appearance of his payos the yetzer hora will sneak up on him

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