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The Holocaust Through Millennial Eyes

NANA is a transgenerational documentary about tolerance, currently in post-production.
NANA tells the story of three generations of women i​n three countries:​ Maryla Michalowski-­Dyamant, a Polish Auschwitz survivor who spent her post­war life fighting intolerance; and Alice and Serena, her daughter and granddaughter, who retrace Maryla’s steps through Poland and Belgium to rediscover Maryla’s remarkable story. The film aims to revive Maryla’s fight against anti­semitism and intolerance. Unlike most movies that revolve around the Holocaust, NANA is not a historical film, but rather, attempts to remind audiences what can happen in a world without tolerance.
One journalist Serena interviewed said, “It is not about transmitting the message, but rather, we need to start the work again with each new generation, as they each live in a different social and political context.”
In addition to the personal journey that Serena and Alice go through during the making of the film, they question how Maryla’s memory and message of tolerance can be kept alive now that survivors are not here to tell their stories anymore.
What concrete actions can be taken toward creating a world where humanity coexists in peace? How can people of different origins and backgrounds respect one another?
NANA’s uniqueness lies in the fact that it is Serena’s personal quest for her grandmother, and therefore makes history relatable for millennials and post­millennials.
The teaser already won the A​lan Landsburg Post-­Production Award,​ as well as support from leading industry professionals.
The Kickstarter campaign was launched on November 1st in order to raise post­production funds. A 5­-minute teaser, as well as more information on the film and team are on the page as well, and we invite you to watch it at and spread the word.
In a world where anti-semitism and intolerance are rising, it is crucial to keep the memory and message of tolerance of survivors alive.


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