The Indy on Israeli Rap

Sankha Guha offers a slightly embarassing piece on Israeli hip hop in The Independent.
Just the way she casts the scene in the first ‘graph — honey: TLV is not a war zone. Rafah is a war zone. TLV is a beach town laden with ecstasy-fueled sluts.
And you spoke to a whole two musicians, and let Tamer (who, don’t get me wrong, I love) go off without balancing him out! You could’ve at least put Sagol in there to pull the story slightly back towards the center…
Anyway, it’s a decent piece, I guess. But this BBC radio doc is much better.

10 thoughts on “The Indy on Israeli Rap

  1. Man, I’m just tripping out about how much people like ‘Pac. He is hands down the most popular rapper ever. Period. You can be a Turkish cat in Berlin or a Punjabi in Jo-Berg – if you are between the ages of 12 and 35 you are probably feeling Tupac (or your best friend is). Sucks that he has come to represent American hip-hip because he is just not that fresh (and I say that as a Cali native). Anyway, this is a stupid post. Sorry.

  2. Mo, honey, do you really NEED to call women “sluts”? That helps them because why? That helps you because why?
    Just wondering.

  3. tircha — a woman is a woman and a slut is a slut. you know as well as i do that there’s a difference. women can be sluts, but not all sluts are women, and not all women are sluts.

  4. Did I use the word “patriarchy”? No. Am I directing my comments to “all men”? No. I am directing my comments to you, Mo.
    Because, for a guy who considers himself Big Mister Progressive Activist, it is, frankly, embarrassing (ie you’re embarrassing yourself) that you insist on (as this is not the first time I’ve seen it in your writing) using language that perpetuates some of the ookiest bits of bullshit about women. It makes you look like a dumb, unenlightened asshole, it takes away from your activist cred, and it quite likely means that feminist activists of whatever gender will have a harder time trusting you and working with you.
    I’m pretty sure that you are not a dumb, unenlightened asshole and do not want to be seen as such. So why do things that leave the impression?

  5. it’s a very shallow, cliched piece of writing, no analysis, no new insights. everyone plays their part and the reporter buys into it. where’s subliminal? sagol 59? dag nahash?. we’ve heard this story 1000 times before, only better told…

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