The Israel Conversation We Aren't Having, But Should, And Still Can

Working for Resetting the Table: Open Conversations on Israel the past month has reinforced something I’ve suspected for a while, but have been timid in confronting.  Too many American Jews are afraid to talk about the Israel/Palestinian conflict outside their immediate social circles and I’d really like to understand why.  Are we so entrenched in our positions that it is simply too painful to hear another perspective?  Most of the pulpit rabbis I know won’t talk about Israel in their own shul because of how it polarizes the community.  These rabbis refer to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict as the ‘third rail’ meaning if you touch it, you will get electrocuted.  Disagreeing without demonizing has become surprisingly difficult. How did a conversation about Israeli politics become so taboo?  If you are interested in supporting a project to help young Jews reclaim the ability to talk constructively through differences on this vital topic, please join the conversation at Resetting the Table’s Town Square this Sunday April 6th at the @Brooklynlyceum in Park Slope (227 4th Ave) 4-7pm.  Specifically for Jews in their 20’s and 30’s.  Tickets can be purchased here for $10.  For a discounted rate or more info email [email protected] Catered by Brookly’s own Mason and Mug

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