The Jewish Santa

The AP reports,

The letters pour in from children around the world, telling two magical far-off figures their holiday wishes.
These missives aren’t sent to Santa Claus. They come from Jewish boys and girls who, for so long, had no one to write each December. They’re for an ageless Kansas City couple known simply by Yiddish derivatives for grandmother and grandfather, Bubbie and Zadie.
The story was created in 1981 by Danny Bloom, then a thirtysomething public relations professional at an Alaskan community college who wanted to pen a holiday narrative for Jewish children.
“I remember as a Jewish kid myself growing up in Massachusetts every winter reading the newspaper and seeing the TV shows about Santa Claus. Jewish kids couldn’t participate,” he said.
The story told of a diminutive grandma and grandpa, bundled up for the cold, who are able to fly through the skies on the first night of Hanukkah. Bubbie and Zadie once lived in Alaska but later moved to Kansas City to run a tailor shop. They visit children everywhere, bringing them stories and songs instead of gifts.

If I were a Maccabee this dude would so be toast right now.

One thought on “The Jewish Santa

  1. Mobius,
    Don[‘t be so harsh on our Danny! He means well, and if you contact us by email, we will explain it better to you. We are NOT the Jewish Santa, the headlines got it wrong. We are your own loveable bubbie and Zadies forever. Write to us. Don’t go toasting out Danny until you know him better. He is doing a good thing. ASk you. DOn’t trust the newspaper headlines, they always get it wrong. Danny never said we are the Jewish Santa. We are Bubbie and Zadie and we are all about Yiddishket and naches. Email.

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