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The Jewish Women's Archive and Prozdor Announce the Rising Voices Fellowship for Teens

from the Jewish Women’s Archive Blog
Prozdor and the Jewish Women’s Archive announce the pilot year of the  Rising Voices Fellowship!
The fellowship is open to female-identified teens in grades 11 and 12 who have a passion for writing, a demonstrated concern for current events, a commitment to improving their writing skills, and a strong interest in Judaism—particularly as it relates to issues of gender and equality.  These fellows will write 8-12 monthly posts for “Jewesses with Attitude,” the Jewish Women’s Archive blog.
What does the fellowship look like? 
• The fellowship will launch with a half-day kick-off meeting at Hebrew College in Newton, MA, on October 13, 2013.  At this meeting, staff from Prozdor and JWA will review the goals of the program, facilitate community building, and begin teaching the techniques for crafting quality blog posts.
• Following the kick-off, the cohort will meet monthly throughout the year, including both virtual and in-person meetings. (Because these meetings will take place at Prozdor in Newton, MA, we are limiting our pilot year to New England-based participants who are able to travel to and from our meetings.)
• Tools and techniques for improving one’s writing and understanding of social media will be at the core of each of these meetings. Between writing, peer review, and preparation for upcoming meetings, participants will be asked to allocate two to three hours a week to the program.
• Jordyn Rozensky, JWA’s Blog Editor, will work independently with each of the fellows on her writing. The ability to accept and learn from edits, as well as a commitment to improving writing skills, is crucial for success in the program.
• Participants who successfully complete the fellowship will be invited to serve as mentors for the next year’s fellows.
To apply participants will be required to submit a blog style writing sample of 300-400 words, a short essay exploring what the applicant hopes to get out of the program, a sample tweet, and the names of two references.
Applications are due on September 16th and interviews with finalists will be conducted (via phone or Skype) the week of September 23rd. The fellowship will be awarded on October 4th. The final selection of the fellows will be done by a panel of successful writers in their 20s and 30s.

3 thoughts on “The Jewish Women's Archive and Prozdor Announce the Rising Voices Fellowship for Teens

  1. Oh dear, yet another ‘progressive’ website trying to find a way to get more writers without paying them a dime. Are there any progressive websites that pay their employees minimum wages or is everyone now an ‘intern’ or worse?
    In the future maybe only the rich will be able to afford to work.
    (McDonald’s should offer a similar ‘fellowship’ in fast-food studies. It would beat paying people the minimum wage. Ah but people would complain about ‘exploitation’.)

  2. I don’t know what counts as “progressive,” but Tablet pays their writers. InterfaithFamily.com pays their writers. MyJewishLearning pays their writers. JewishBoston.com pays their writers. And that’s just off the top of my head.

  3. Well…
    Tablet does have progressive writers. But they also have writers who know what they’re writing about like David P Goldman, so I don’t see how you can specifically call the website ‘progressive’.
    MyJewishLearning doesn’t seem to be progressive or regressive. More like a website for people who find chabad.org too hard to read.
    JewishBoston is run simply by the Boston Jewish Federation.
    As to Intefaithfamily.com, okay fair enough, there you go.

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