The Joke’s on You

The Jewish Journal‘s got an article on Heeb in their latest issue, in which Andrea & Charles Bronfman Philanthropies vice president Roger Bennett (a former client, who hates me) claims that rejecting Heeb is like saying “the Beatles were bad for today’s youth when they appeared on the Ed Sullivan show.”

Well, no, Roger. Not quite. Rejecting Heeb is like saying I have more respect for my culture than to associate it with the hollow and vaccuous trends in hip Judaism your organization and its ilk have manufactured by exploting Jewish stereotypes and by co-opting and Jewifying other people’s cultures. Rejecting a philanthropically-funded magazine that aims at fostering Jewish identity yet adorns its pages with black swastika-shaped dildoes is not like rejecting The Beatles unless you believe The Beatles were exploiting their own culture in order to invent a climate in which they were the alpha-hipsters. Heeb exists solely to present their own specific clique as “the trend makers” in Jewish culture. It’s a bunch of bad comedy writers using Stephen Spielberg and Chuck Bronfman’s money to invent themselves a market.

I’ll quote editor Josh Neuman for you, cornered at Jewltide this Christmas Eve by yours truly. I asked him, “How can you take money from Jewish philanthropies under the auspices of creating a publication which is meant to promote Jewish continuity, and then produce a rag like Heeb which has thus far only ridiculed Judaism and Jewish people, encouraging them to shrug it off, and thus more likely turning more of them away from it, than anything else?”

His response was not, “I disagree, that’s not what we’re doing.” No, not even a “Fuck you, buddy!” Rather, without even blinking, his response was, “Oh well. I guess the joke’s on them!”

Oh well. I guess the joke’s on you Roger. Or maybe the joke’s just on Andrea & Charles, and you’re in on it too. Either way, don’t sell me that shit about Heeb being culturally important. Dress-up paper dolls of Joe Lieberman are barely relevant and worse, barely funny.

If anything, you guys are the joke.

8 thoughts on “The Joke’s on You

  1. Good call. I was more than pleased to read in ‘Jewsweek’ that Heeb was one of the stories they were NOT going to cover this year. Now I’ll read ‘Jewsweek’ twice as often.

  2. Well put. Someone needed to point out to them that not only is Heeb vaccuous and irrelevant, but it’s not even funny.

  3. by the way, lou, changing your name doesn’t change your IP address!
    nice to know you hate jewschool so much that you’d come out in favor of heeb.

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