15 thoughts on “The King of Bling

  1. I like the logo for ‘Bling Kong”! How did you ever decide to juxtapose a gorilla and a ghetto blaster?
    I have a question. When one says he’s from the “NYC area” does he mean LI or Westchester?

  2. you’re just looking for it, aren’t you?
    i grew up 5 min over the gwb and spent the last 5 years working in manhattan and living in north brooklyn

  3. Sounds like a stretch for street cred. Can you spell N-E-W J-E-R-S-E-Y ?
    Mobius – you are generally brilliant and honest on issues of social-location and why it matters in the galut and in the land — so it strikes me as ironic that you have yet to come to terms with what it means to be connected to the Garden State.
    It took me a while, but, eventually I embraced the fact that living in Jersey means living in the most densely populated and the most ethnically, culturally, and religiously diverse state in America. Manhattan and North Brooklyn are burgeois in comparison.

  4. i don’t deny i’m from jersey — but i’m from 5 minutes outside nyc and spent more than my fair share of time over the bridge, in town. all of my fams is in brooklyn and queens, and my father used to work in queens, so i’d constantly be in the city. then, from the time i got my license on, i’d argue i spent more time hanging in nyc than i did in jersey. so… i’m equally connected to both. hence, i’m from the nyc area.

  5. I live in Jersey too (although I didn’t grow up here) and like Reb Blog it also took me time to embrace my Jersey-ness.
    Still, I’ve never cared to hear NJ referred to as the “NY area”. Sure NJ is close to NY but it is definately state enough to hold it’s own!

  6. I am also from NJ. Born and raised. Its ok state has its up and downs. Dont like south jersey (rephrase) i hate south jersey. (if i offended any1….get over it) I am currently going to college there (actually i am dc for the semester). But i have herd NJ refered to as a boro of NYC, the arm pit of american…so on and so forht. But we dont gotta pump our own GAS!!!! All u self pumping Jews and JIT (jew in training) living outside the G-state gotta get of ur car, rain, snow (were applicable), and whatever kind of weather…so ha! of course when us njites leave the g-state we are hopefull fools trying to pump our own gas (at 1st this was me, but i learned….its a jewish survival instinct (adapt to surrounding). Now on the other side of the spectrum…jew self-destruction (assimulation)…ok buh bye

  7. “Timely and funny.”
    And be careful around Shifra. If she doesn’t think you’re funny, she’ll tell you.

  8. I don’t feel like I’m bitter. But who knows really! I think I just want a lot of attention.
    A lot of attention!

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