6 thoughts on “The Message Spreads

  1. I think we should ignore all historical precedent and all of the Jewish texts and customs until this day and define Judaism as:
    “Do whatever makes you feel happy”
    That way we solve the whole Jewish dilemna instantly! Everyone in the world is Jewish, and all Jews are full participating Jews!
    Pity I didnt think of it first….

  2. Like I’ve said in an earlier post. Ideas that deserve respect and thoughtful dialogue get it. Those that deserve derision get it.
    The reason you react as you do is because the truth hurts.

  3. no, the reason i react the way i do is because you’re an asshole and a troll. you make me want to switch to moveable type just so i can block your IP from posting.

  4. I find this rather interesting.
    you call me a ‘troll’ because I disagree with your leftist line often.
    The reality seems to be that the Left is so incapable of handling criticism that they engage in this ironic Orwellian talk of others “Crushing dissent” when this is what THEY do when they dont like what someone says.
    If you only want people who agree with you just put on your banner:
    “Only Leftists welcome”
    “Preaching to the choir only”
    “No free thinkers need participate”

  5. I have been rethinking my most recent post above.
    After thinking it over I recognize that some of my posts are simple sniping and not substantive. I will try to minimize that in the future.
    Also, I generally do not comment on what I agree with so it seems that I am simply here to disparage. This is not the case.
    I think my reaction stems from my deep disdain of all things Leftist, so it is those that get my ire up.
    I have felt that in some Leftist quarters dissent is unwelcome and the response is often a dismissive snort or tin-hat theories. I will try to engage in more substantive dialogue in the future.

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