The most historic week ever

First Amir Peretz takes over Labor and attempts to return it to the party’s socialist roots. Now Ariel Sharon, one of the founders of Israel’s largest political party, has bolted and announced he is forming a new party with the worst name ever (National Responsibility) – and he’s taking at least 14 Likud MKs with him. It remains to be seen who from the left will be joining him. We can be sure of one thing however, Peretz’s socialist ways don’t sit well with Labor’s hawks so we’ll be sure to see more than a few defections. Betcha five bucks that Dan Meridor steps out of political retirement and joins the party. Oh, and Shinui is DONE. The creation of a centrist party without the anti-religious banter and sans a cantankerous leader is the death knell for the secular party.
It’s mindblowing that the political landscape of a country can completely change within a week.

6 thoughts on “The most historic week ever

  1. ‘It’s mindblowing that the political landscape of a country can completely change within a week.’
    Yes, Israel & the US seem to be harmonizing their ‘breakthroughs’ quite nicely.
    I’m curious, though, why Peretz is being called a ‘socialist’ in some circles; he sounds more like an FDR New Deal democrat, to me!

  2. miriam – my impression is that people are trying to push people’s buttons and use “socialist” and “bolshevik” as pejoratives, the same way Reagan used “liberal”
    I think a lot of the Russians especially hear “socialist” or “bolshevik” and have a knee-jerk reaction

  3. Oh, and Shinui is DONE
    We knew that the first week they were in power and voted against a specific miluim bill that they had based part of there platform on. The first week in power, and people realized they were simply fakes.
    Harry, if you’re going to mention a historic week in Israeli politics, at least don’t ignore the unprecedented possibilty that the ‘real right’ and religious will unite. Or you can simply ignore them until they get into power.
    If there are even elections. I have a feeling that things won’t be so simple.

  4. Hi Josh, I wasn’t ignoring it, more like over sight. FYI, I’ve voted for Likud in the past as well as HaYechud HaLeumi when Benny Begin was head. Please don’t lump me in the left wingers, I’ve never voted for a left wing party in my life (and never will) and detest army evaders. Its all speculation at this point whether the right wing parties are going to unite. All I know is A LOT can happen in four months. The politcal landscape has completely changed and it’s impossible to gage what’s going to happen.
    And I agree with your comments about Shinui, but they still have their pro-secular/anti-religi ous hardcore supporters and will still manage to get a few seats. The moderates who voted for the party b/c they felt that no else represented them are going to flock to Kadima.

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