The Naked & The Profane

Jewicide Girl/hottie IDF soldier Katya is at it again, profaning our sacred cows ritual objects, in the name of lusty holiday fun. Links NSFF: Not safe for frummies.
[This segment no longer makes sense absent the photos.] And before you start screaming at me for posting this, a) Jewlicious has posted worse (but seems to have redacted all the posts — guess CK cracked under the pressure of the tznius police), b) comparatively speaking it’s not so bad, c) I did blur out the boobies, and d) grow a sense of humor.
Previously: Pesach Pr0n, Cult of Personality, Real Suicide Girl
[Update] Looks like Katya’s got company. Before it was amusing. Now it’s hackneyed.
[Update] Photos removed ONLY for Sarah who I appreciate infinitely more than Suicide Girls, and whose opinion I care for infinitely more than most others.

29 thoughts on “The Naked & The Profane

  1. if what you mean by ‘a sense of humor’ = ‘a raging hard-on’
    as long as it’s for a jewish woman, who cares?!

  2. cracked under the pressure of the tznius police?? Ma pitom! I just don’t like gratuitous photos. Of anything. For instance, if I don’t keep michael in check he’s liable to start posting all kinds of random cute kitty photos. He sure does love his cats… but anyways, all last issue on that matter was simply about gratuitousness. Nothing else.

  3. i’ll leave the religious squabbling to others but i’d prefer, as a woman, that we leave the objectifying photos off of this website. congratulations to these women for making their own grown-up decisions. i don’t want to have to look at it.

  4. Great news to hear the jewlicious has cooled off, I’m outta here for now.
    Don’t want be around here while some guy in Saudi Arabia wanks off to jewish skin. (Baruch hashem netcounter, I love that thing.) Mobius, shouldn’t you be with your settler friends in Belayin rather than posting this crap?

  5. Sarah is right. Rather than post pics that others may offensive, why not just provide the link to the original?
    So…. what is the link to the original? 🙂

  6. seriously. in a more even-tempered tone, let me just point out that i am one of the only female bloggers on this site, and that in moments like this, i am feeling the boys’ club vibe.
    why do we get so agitated when people threaten our sense of halacha, but not our sense of humanity? how is a naked woman who is using her body to provoke attention, lust and money (and perhaps a sense of pride) posted here before the eyes of religious people, modest people and female people somehow an okay thing? are we giving this sort of thing our thumbs up? there are so many things we seem to not give a thumbs up to on this site. why is this okay?
    believe me, i have a sense of humor. believe me, i like to check out hotties too. but the weird standard the readership here is holding up has me confused and concerned. i listen to you guys sing eshet chayil on friday night and i am filled with love and pride. then i see you post this stuff. can sincerity not last past shabbat dinner?

  7. If I wanted porn I would go to a porn site…
    Please, whazzup with this… I agree that women should be proud of modesty and not ‘getting nude’ for attention.
    Chanukah has enough problems, lets keep it kosher. Stop with this lets make Chanukah ‘cool’ stuff. It is a reminder that we must remember our heritage and FIGHT FOR WHAT IS RIGHT.

  8. Suicide girls is comparibly tame next to the pics in the necro article. nude is not necessarily objectification. Saying a women is nothing but body is insulting, and plastic silicon perfect women insult me too, because they present an unattainable standard. Suicide Girls does neither of these things.

  9. yeah, i dunno. i’m gonna side with sarah and say that posting the pics on the site is unnecessary. you can post *about* the pics and post the link, if you want. but i don’t wanna see porn if i don’t wanna see porn.

  10. ladies, you’re missing the fact that it’s not just porn for porn’s sake. it’s porn with menorahs and dreidels. there has — to my knowledge — never been such a thing ever before. this is a cultural curiosity, not oogling for oogling’s sake. anyway… for you sarah (and only for you) i will take the photos down.

  11. love you m0b.
    still stand by my resolve though that kitsch doesn’t redeem porn, it just makes it funny. although i’m not anti-porn. i’m just anti-porn being in my jewish community. two great tastes that don’t taste so great together. a girl’s gotta compartmentalize sometimes.

  12. Wow. That was so NOT porn. There was context and the “nasty bits” (also the notion of nasty bits is ridiculous – as if American women do not have nipples!) were all pixelated. This was a legitimate use of flesh. Just as say… this would be too (NOT frum friendly). And its a naked hanukkah gay man! So seasonal and oh so very PC!

  13. So Sarah, porn is fine for other communities like Indian, Asian, Black etc And you are happy to watch porn of other communities and are comfortable with that but not if it features people who are Jewish?
    There was nothing wrong with the images, SG is pin up girls, and if people want to enjoy it, then that is fine with them.
    Mobius, as others have said, you have posted some sick shit before such as the Necro rapper, so odd to see you want to remove the SG girl.

  14. necro is another example of a jewish cultural curiosity. that story was entertaining as all hell, there’s no denying it.

  15. hey roger rabbi, you’ve got me a bit wrong.
    i don’t care who stars in porn – jewish girls, jewish guys, whatever. i am an equal opportunity porn consumer, although if you must know, i really skew towards fetishizing animated nordic nurses.
    i just don’t want to see any titillating photos on a website where i’m otherwise reading about halacha and zionism and whatnot. linking to it is fine, but it’s just weird when i’m sitting here reading about the history of chanukah and then i’ve got some girl’s ass in my face.

  16. thanks Sarah for explaining that, the impression was that you were OK for porn, but porn featuring Jews was not OK.
    So that clears that up.

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