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The Nation on New Voices' Funding Challenges

Eyal Press asks, in The Nation:

What happens when a student magazine committed to fostering dialogue and to featuring a diverse range of opinions opens its pages to critical views on Israel? The sobering consequences were brought home recently to the staff of New Voices.

Full story and useful commentary.

2 thoughts on “The Nation on New Voices' Funding Challenges

  1. This is the tip of the iceberg. To say there is censorship in the organizational Jewish community is an understatement. At least two well-known alt.Jewish magazines are in imminent danger of going out of business, because they can’t get a grant unless they agree to tow the Likud party line. No wonder young people are leaving this community in droves — who wants to be part of a mini make-believe totalitarianism in which only some views are tolerated? It’s easy to opt out, and the smart kids are doing it.

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