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The Nation's First Full Time Jewish Television Network

Well, what more is there to be said, really?
Programming on Shalom TV is for every Jewish home!
All during the month, Shalom TV features 50 hours of meaningful, entertaining, and educational telecasts on a Video On Demand format. Watch what you want, when you want, and as often as you want for one low monthly price.”
All right – I have to say, looking at the programming schedule, it might bear giving it a chance, if you’re into television, and you are jonesing for Jewish programming.

6 thoughts on “The Nation's First Full Time Jewish Television Network

  1. Has anybody looked at their programming? It will definitely appeal to .000002 percent of the Jewish community — possibly, during sweeps week, to.000003 percent.

  2. Stated like a true frustrated filmmaker, E to the V. Maybe instead of sniping you can get out there and start making some of your own programming for Shalom TV.
    Here’s my high-concept: it’s called “You Should KNOW From Reality TV”. Basically, it’s 50 minutes of Leon Charney jello-wrestling Mel Gibson. Whoever wins gets to decide whether the Holocaust really happened or not.
    Anyway, if you know who Leon Charney is, you may find that joke funny. Or not. What, you want quality? Try HBO. In fact, why bother with Shalom TV? Half of HBO is “Jewish programming” anyway, the rest is produced by Jews. Larry David, Sasha Baron “Throw the Jews Down the Well” Cohen, that Jew on “Deadwood,” that other Jew on “The Sopranos,” the Jew agent in “Entourage,” an Emmy-Award Winning Holocaust documentary every couple of years…now THAT’S Jewish TV!

  3. “Basically, it’s 50 minutes of Leon Charney jello-wrestling Mel Gibson.”
    That’s hilarious. Yes, I do watch the Charney Report.

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