The New Super Jews

TimeOut New York is running a feature this week on “The New Super Jews,” the “edgy young tastemakers [who] are forging a hip new Jewish identity.”

The issue features The Hebrew Hammer, Jenn Bleyer and Heeb, He’brew, Jewcy, The Hip Hop Hoodios, 50 Shekel, Jewsweek (which I guess is as good as a shoutout to Jewschool & Protocols), Storahtelling, John Zorn, and a whole other host of Jewish hipsters and general hipsterism. Unfortunately it’s not online just yet, so if you’re interested, pick up a copy at your local newsstand.

11 thoughts on “The New Super Jews

  1. 50 Shekel, who is a fucking joke, has one hell of a publicist. He’s been written up in Esquire, New York Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, Time Out, and a few other mainstream publications in recent months. I don’t get it either.

  2. haha. someone else said that to me once when they saw my “nice hat loser” trucker hat. they called me “the alpha hipster.”
    actually, i think the reason i’m not in the article is cuz it was written by heeb’s former books editor, and uh, me and heeb have a somewhat sordid history.

  3. because, again, the author is a heebite, and 50 shekel is a darling of heeb–he played their issue #3 release party.

  4. 50 Shekel is tooo coool. He is a rapper with a real vision. Messiah or Not, He’s got Matzah Balls!

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