The Oral Tradition

The NY Post reports,

They may not reach the scatological lows of “The Aristocrats,” but George W. Bush loves his dirty jokes.
Penn Jillette, executive producer of the buzzed-about documentary celebrating the world’s filthiest joke, tells us the president passes along zingers to him through their mutual pal, Texas mystery novelist and musician Kinky Friedman.
“There’s nothing more American than a dirty joke,” Jillette declared at Caroline’s comedy club after the obscenity-filled flick’s New York premiere. “George W. Bush tells dirty jokes. And Kinky Friedman tells them to me. They’re never any good, but they’re dirty. Kinky told me that Bush’s favorite one lately was about golf.
“[Bush] said, ‘The only time I ever hit two good balls is when I step on a rake.’ It’s stuff like that. Everybody tells dirty jokes. When you think about what America is, it’s perfect — it’s freedom of speech. This culture is the culture that respects comedy the most, and respects freedom of speech the most.”

Jews are a bunch of frickin’ comedians. We’re also, as the stereotype would have it, all card-carrying members of the ACLU. Thus it should be no surprise that The Aristocrats, a documentary which traces the history of an insidously foul and allegedly 100 year-old vaudeville joke, would feature an array of Jewish comics, including Jon Stewart, Jason Alexander, Lewis Black, Andy Dick, Whoopi Goldberg, Gilbert Gottfried, Richard Lewis, Bill Maher, Howie Mandel, Sarah Silverman and quite nearly two-dozen more. The film made its debut earlier this year at the SchmoozeDance Jewish film festival, and is all set to tear up box offices this summer. Whether or not the premise is a hoax (which it isn’t), it definitely looks like a riotously funny film — though perhaps not one for the whole family.
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  1. hmmm… eeeenteresting. his appearance in the hebrew hammer has perhaps misled me. you got a source on that?

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