The Oy Vey O.C.

Poor Josh Schwartz. The 27-year-old creator of the hit FOX series “The O.C.” has insomnia. To be more specific, he has trouble sleeping on the nights his show airs. It seems he’s waiting to hear the ratings info on how people like his show, a trashy non-soap about Newport Beach rich folk. Oh, to have his problems!

As it turns out, however, the hot show with the teen segment isn’t all white-bread WASPiness. It features an intermarried family with a “liberal Jewish pro-bono lawyer” dad and Seth, the son who “makes reference to studying the Talmud and to his Jewfro.” Creator Schwartz even promises a season finale that talks about “Chrismakah.” What a nice Jewish boy Schwartz is, adding to the Jewish pop culture chic (we say with sarcasm).

One thought on “The Oy Vey O.C.

  1. I know why Shwartz can’t sleep. Because he doesn’t even film the show in Orange County thats why. He films it in PV and the South Bay where all the dorks he went to Hebrew school live. As a Jew living behind the Orange Curtain I know what insomnia is all about. It’s all about Yom Kippur services at the Calvary Chapel church (where they got pictures of Jesus dressed up as Spicolli riding a longboard hanging on the wall). The horror of the OC isn’t high school fist fights its having to drive an hour to a good deli or a movie theatre that might show anything worth watching! There’s a two-part episode for you Shwartz.

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