The Palestinian Street, Post-Gaza

The JCPA reports,

According to a poll conducted by the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research in the West Bank and Gaza on Sep. 7-9, 2005, 84% see the Israeli withdrawal as a victory for Palestinian armed resistance; 40% give Hamas credit, while 21% give credit to the PA and 11% to Fatah.
62% oppose and 35% support continued attacks against Israel from Gaza and 60% support and 37% oppose collection of arms from armed factions in Gaza. 77% support and 22% oppose the current ceasefire.
73% support and 25% oppose the establishment of a Palestinian state that would start first in Gaza and gradually extend to the West Bank.
56% view the Israeli withdrawal as the end of occupation and the start of independent Palestinian statehood.
However, 60% expect that internal infighting will follow the Israeli withdrawal.

View the full survey here.

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