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The Passion of the Rourke


Just saw “The Wrestler” and loved it. Loved Mickey Rourke’s performance. Loved the new Springsteen song. (Not sure the New Jersey Chamber of Commerce will love it so much…)
I also enjoyed the director”s earlier movie takes on kabbalah and the Tree of Life. And here’s the thing: “The Wrestler” is a pretty spiritual movie too. It’s actually a remake of “The Passion of the Christ.” (In case anyone misses the connection, Gibson’s infamous flick is actually referenced in the movie). But take it from me: “The Wrestler” is much more enjoyable than “Passion of the Christ.”
It’s essentially “Passion of the Christ with a staple gun. And without the anti-Semitism.

5 thoughts on “The Passion of the Rourke

  1. I thought it was a good movie as well…but I should note, it is not the best “date movie.”
    But I figured, it’s so rare that I get to the movies anyway, fuck it.

  2. Well, it’s true, it’s not a date movie, and well, it’s definitely an emotional film. But as for spiritual… well, I dunno. I get the references, I just don’t think they’re very spiritual.

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