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The Perils of Davening Without a Minyan

Up, Up, and …Oy Veh
airjazz.jpgIf I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times. Don’t daven shachris until the plane is in the air! You are setting yourself up for disappointment.  Especially so close to the anniversary of 9/11!
VOS IZ NEIAS reports,

Some fellow passengers are questioning why an Orthodox Jewish man was removed from an Air Canada Jazz flight from Montreal to New York City for praying.
The airplane was heading towards the runway at the Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport when eyewitnesses said the Orthodox man began to pray.  “He was clearly a Hasidic Jew,” said Yves Faguy, a passenger seated nearby. “He had some sort of cover over his head. He was reading from a book. “He wasn’t exactly praying out loud but he was lurching back and forth,” Faguy added.
The action didn’t seem to bother anyone, Faguy said, but a flight attendant approached the man and told him his praying was making other passengers nervous. “The attendant actually recognized out loud that he wasn’t a Muslim and that she was sorry for the situation but they had to ask him to leave,” Faguy said.

Rabosai…please…for the next few days, for the sake of your fellow passengers, keep shuckeling to a minimum while on all transportation vehicles.  Everyone is on edge.  It’s nothing personal.
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10 thoughts on “The Perils of Davening Without a Minyan

  1. “The attendant actually recognized out loud that he wasn’t a Muslim and that she was sorry for the situation but they had to ask him to leave.”
    So if he had been a Muslim, would she NOT have been sorry for the situation?

  2. The juxtaposition of this article’s dripping sarcasm and the following article make me wonder where this article’s sarcasm was directed.
    This is another example of “ultra-Orthodox” being “too Orthodox”, of anti-religious prejudice. It’s the same sentiment which fuels much Islamophobia.
    In light of such sentiment, this isn’t a place to even look like one is chastising people for davening. To do so is to sanction bias. Of course, I’ve banged heads with you over your apparent anti-charedi bias before so I don’t know if this is symptomatic of that or if this is just a badly formed set of words passing as a joke.
    I’ll be dan l’kaf zchus:
    OMG WTF LOL!!!!!!!!111111!!!!!!

  3. right we should restrict out PRAYING TO G-d because it makes people nervious. you really dont believe in him do you. YOu hate ncsy because it disguses about you disgusing youself as a believer in G-d

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