5 thoughts on “The proud. The few. The very few.

  1. Until Vietnam, Jews served in the US armed services disproportionately to their population. The Jewish War Veterans, founded to represent Jewish veterans of the Union army, was the first US veterans group chartered by Congress. A number of Jews have earned the Congressional Medal of Honor, incluing Jack Jacobs (who does military commentary on NBC and MSNBC) who, though seriously wounded, carried or dragged, under fire, over a dozen wounded ARVN and US soldiers to safety.
    The first organized effort by American Jews to secure their civil rights was to lobby President Lincoln and Congress to change the law that restricted chaplains to ordained Christain clergy.

  2. Yeah
    My grandfather and all his Jewish WWII Veteran buddies in the ‘Grand Street Boys Club’ down on the LES got together and crated / smuggled the rifles they all brought home from the war, along with whatever else they could scrape together, and sent them to Israel for the war of independence
    But that was then and this is now

  3. my father was the nj state commander for the jewish war veterans dept. of nj (which recently honored jack jacobs, incidentally) and has been the post commander for teaneck, nj for about 20 years.

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