4 thoughts on “the rudeboy rebbe

  1. Mattissiyahu
    >Opening for John Brown’s Body
    >Thursday August 21, 9PM
    >Southpaw, 125 5th Ave, Park Slope, Brooklyn
    >1/2 to Bergen, M/R/W to Union, Q to 7th Ave
    >We’re excited to announce Mattissiyahu will be joining legendary John
    >Brown’s Body at Southpaw Thursday, August 21, for a show bound to blow
    >your mind and raise your spirits.
    >Mattissiyahu is Hasidic Reggae. A lyricist, an MC, and a beatboxer, he
    >is a singular performer, whose power, poetry, and skills are
    >unparalleled in today’s music scene. Combining the sounds of Bob
    >Marley, Nelly, Scratch, and Shlomo Carlebach, yet remaining wholly
    >original, Mattissiyahu’s performance is an uplifting, powerful
    >experience for all in his presence. With his long beard and black hat,
    >Mattissiyahu is the face of a new cultural fusion. He integrates the
    >power of reggae music into his life in Lubavitcher Crown Heights, as
    >much as he integrates the connectedness he finds in Hasidut into his

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