6 thoughts on “The Ultimate Irony

  1. uh, they would be, if the fence separated people from their families or prevented people from tending their crops.

  2. yeah if the UN’s fence extended 20 blocks into the surrounding neighborhoods near the UN and then the UN set up checkpoints throughout the neighborhoods that people had to pass through to get to work or to the doctor then it might be hypocritical

  3. Dude. The UN apartheid wall will prevent me from easily accessing that Elephant statue and taking photos of its enormous penis.
    This is yet another escalation in the UN’s continued intransigence against the indigenous population of New York. First UN members began by displacing tens of thousands of parking spots that had been in use by the locals from time immemorial. UN staff and diplomats have also been violating traffic laws with the arrogance and impunity of a colonizing entity. Then, after the elephant in question was placed on their grounds, they covered up the magnificent penis with strategically planted bushes – an act that represents censorship and a brutal suppression of free artistic expression. Now with the construction of their apartheid wall, we in all likelihood will not even be able to see the big elephant, let alone the attached bush covered penis.
    This is an outrage!

  4. Of course, if (God forbid!) such a thing were to happen, the UN could do like it did in Baghdad. Leave.

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