The Ultimate Messed Up Jewish Boy Poem Contest

…and, come on, who would be surprised that it’s me posting this?
Adam Schechter, editor of the libidinous online poetry journal The Blue Jew Yorker, just passed this to me. And who would I share it with, if not for you? Enjoy. And flood that messed up Jewish boy’s inbox, if you please.
The online arts and culture journal, The Blue Jew Yorker, is now seeking entries for its “The Ultimate Messed Up Jewish Boy” Poem Contest. Girls are welcome to apply. Please submit your uniquely neurotic, financially dysfunctional, sexually grotesque, inappropriately dependent, narcissistically whiny (or whatever disturbing criteria you feel qualifies) poem to [email protected]. The winner will receive a prominent place in the next online issue and of course be able to proudly wear the title as awarded by the editor of The Blue Jew Yorker.

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