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The Web is Your Passover Oyster (metaphorically speaking)

Dear Jewschool readers,
Below are some links to help you spice up your seder and add meaning to your holiday. From parody songs to social action tips there’s something for everyone – and most of it is available for free on the web. Whether you are planning your own seder or attening one with family and friends, most people will welcome sharing a few words or offering to add either something creative during the seder or the meal.
Most links below are direct links to Passover-related material. All links come to you as suggestions of Jewschool and our readers. In no way are these links officially endorsed by Jewschool.com or Matzat. Further, this list is just a start – there are certainly many other places on the net to find out great things about Passover. If you’ve found any of these links helpful, or would like to suggest further links, please leave a comment to this post. A happy and kosher passover to everyone!!
With love,
-The wiggly squiggily shamir

Overall Passover site/”mega” site (with many outgoing links)

Full Haggadah Downloads (some have a small fee for ebook or pdf download)

Seder How-To

Haggadaah supplements and readings

Passover site with lyrics and/or mp3 to traditional and parody songs for seder

Explanations of modern Passover rituals

Divrei Torah about Passover, Sedarim, or Song of Songs

Passover humor, greeting cards, and animated cartoons

Afikoman prizes and other fun products

Games and activities for kids on Passover

Social action tips related to Passover

Passover recipes

Guides for halakhot (laws) of Kosher L’Pesach

Misc./no specific category

6 thoughts on “The Web is Your Passover Oyster (metaphorically speaking)

  1. In your list of links above you have the one to Kashrut.org. in the link you specify that the products on the list do not require supervision to be Kosher for Passover, where is that information? I cannot find that on the Kashrut.org web site, they merely have a link to the list, so I am unclear if an -P is required.

  2. JKane-
    If you click on that link – http://www.kashrut.org/pesach/Pesach06.xls – it should automatically download an excel file. In that file you will see that there are many products that, according to this site, are K for P even though there is not a K for P symbol on their packaging.
    Kashrut.org was created specifically so that people can learn the traditional rules for determining if a food is kosher to eat, even if it does not have an authorized heksher. Their logic is that if one knows the halakha (strict jewish law) of kashrut, there are many things that one can eat, even if they have not be prepared with strict rabbinic supervision.
    For example, someone will email them and say “here is a list of ingredients of this food i want to buy. even though it doesn’t have a heksher, can i still eat it?” and the people who run the site will write back and either say “yes” or “no” or “no but…” etc. For example, someone asked if they could have “wishbone fat free italian dressing.” One would normally think that one could not have this on passover because A. it doesn’t have a Kosher for Passover symbol on it and B. it is made from vinegar which is often made from malted wheat. However, someone emailed the people at kashrut.org who checked all the ingredients including the vinegar and found out that the vinegar is gluten free distilled vinegar and thus okay to eat.
    I find this site very liberating, especially as someone who knows a lot of people who are so strict on hekshers it’s a bit overboard. While they may have been invented to be more helpful to people, i think in the end they can be very constricting and limiting. See Yossi Abramowitz’s latest for more on this topic.

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