Them Crazy Catholics

“A top cardinal [at Vatican City] said in an interview published Sunday that anti-Semitism was on the rise in Europe, and he urged constant vigilance to avoid setting out on ‘the path to Auschwitz.’

In related and surely schizophrenic news, “Pope John Paul has seen Mel Gibson’s controversial film The Passion about Christ’s final hours and was moved by it, a Vatican source said.”

I see… Let’s not take the path to Auschwitz, but let’s celebrate a film which fans the flames of hatred by reiterating the misleading contention that the Jews killed Christ.

Brilliant! How’s that for consistency?

8 thoughts on “Them Crazy Catholics

  1. the only catholics around at that time were the apostles and his followers. Are you claiming that the apostltes crucified their jesus?

  2. there were no Italians where Jesus was crucified. Did you think they brought him to Vatican City or something?
    He was crucified in the area that is now israel.
    I didn’t realize that you were such an expert on Jesus to know exactly who killed him. Which reading did you get that from again?
    It’s all interpretations of a story, and there is no harm in someone believing that interpretation as long as they don’t use it to harm others.
    I personally do believe that it was Jews that killed Jesus, but that doesn’t mean I am angry at Jews nowadays. Heck, Jesus was a Jew.
    Besides, he died for my sins so it was a good thing. I think it was a mitzvah.

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