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There we were all in one place

A lot of us Jewschool readers are involved with all sorts of grassroots Jewish communities around the world. How cool would it be if all of these communities could get together somewhere? That’s happening this August at the National Havurah Committee Summer Institute. Hundreds of people are already registered, but registration is still open! At least 7 Jewschool contributors will be there, and an immeasurable number of readers. If you can’t get away for the whole week, you can come for just Shabbat.
(UPDATE: Three work-study positions are still available! Attend the whole Institute at half-price; all you have to do is help out for a few hours each day in the office or with the mashgiach in the kitchen. Email [email protected] if you’re interested.)
But even if you can’t get to New Hampshire this summer, there’s another way that all these communities can get together in one place: on the back of the 2006 Institute T-shirt! The back of this shirt will feature a list of havurot, minyanim, shuls, and other communities where people come from. For a contribution of $36, your community can appear on the T-shirt, and you can advertise to the hundreds of people attending the Institute as well as anyone who ever has occasion to stand in line behind them!
To participate, please email Angela Capinera ([email protected]) with subject line “2006 NHC TEE”.
Indicate the name and location of your organization, in the form “HAVURAH NAME (CITY, STATE)”, as you want them to appear.
Make checks payable to: National Havurah Committee
Mail to: Angela Capinera
NHC T-shirt Project 06
11 Cardinal Place
Stratford, CT 06614-3703

7 thoughts on “There we were all in one place

  1. Cool! yaaziel, may I ask who you are? Feel free to email mahrabu at gmail if you don’t want to reveal your identity here.

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