This Is Not An Ulpan opens fifth semester

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Israeli Childhood
Teacher: Shay
Level: Beginners
Time and place: Thursdays 6.30-8 pm, Halalit (HaYarkon 70)
Have you ever wondered what an Israeli childhood is like? You don’t need to be a child to appreciate the variety of books, songs and TV shows that Israelis grow up on. If you are new to Hebrew and want to learn everything from the beginning, your Israeli childhood starts here. In this course, we will read, listen to and watch Israeli stories, songs and TV shows, and critically examine the ideas and values behind them.
Historical Events and their Impact on Israeli Society
Teacher: Matan
Level: Advanced
Time and place: Thursdays 6.30-8 pm, Halalit (HaYarkon 70)
The Qibya massacre of 1953, carried out by troops under Ariel Sharon, remains one of the most controversial IDF operations until today, caused and international outcry, and launched intense discussions within Israel. Events like this one had a huge impact on Israeli society and strongly shaped its discourses on various subjects. This course will introduce this and other well-known affairs from Israel’s history (such as the great seamen’s strike of 1951 or the Wadi Salib riots of 1959) and examine their effect on issues such as organized labor, Ashkenazi-Mizrahi relations, IDF-media etc. Each class will include key terms related to the subject.
Human Rights in a Conflicted Society
Teachers: Mirjam and Emily
Level: Advanced
Time and place: Sundays 8-10 pm, Halalit (HaYarkon 70)
In this course, we plan to discuss the major human rights issues facing Israeli/Palestinian society. While focusing on a different issue and area of rights each week, we will also draw out themes in Israeli legal culture and society and develop a broader framework for their examination. Students will leave the course with a strong notion of what human rights law means in both a global and local sense, as well as with an enriched Hebrew lexicon and confidence in discussing some of the most prominent topics in Israeli society today.
Israel through Music
Teachers: Shimi and Bibi
Level: Easy intermediate
Time and place: Sundays 6-8 pm, Halalit (HaYarkon 70)
In this class, we will learn Israeli songs from different genres, periods and topics throughout the years, as a mirror of the society creating and consuming it. Language will be an integral part of the lessons, in which we try to acquire more knowledge about music and about the songs in their cultural, musical, political, and historical context. And most importantly – we’ll have some really good music! Those who like can bring instruments, as we will play some of the songs together.
Vis-à-Vision – Learning Hebrew through Film-Making
Teacher: Bora
Level: Intermediate-advanced (Max. 12 participants)
Time and place: Mondays 5-7 pm, Halalit (HaYarkon 70)
In this course, we will go through a process of team work and face Israeli reality from a different angle. By analyzing current affairs, we want to improve our Hebrew and create a connection between “what we see” and “how we feel”. Classes will involve movie making, acting, discussions, and production. Through cinematic media, we want to create our own vision of reality!
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