This Just In: KOACH Saved

In a recent development, after much concern about the USCJ’s funding priorities, Save Koach has announced today that the Conservative Movement’s college outreach program will, in fact, not be cut:

June 14th, 2012 (New York, NY) – The Save KOACH coalition is pleased to hear of the recent news regarding the intent of the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism (USCJ) to continue funding KOACH, the college outreach program of the Conservative movement in North America.  While we understand the financial concerns which necessitate a decrease in funding for KOACH, as well as the expectation that the program is now faced with hefty fundraising goals, we are disappointed by the limitations on service to college students that these require.  USCJ, as well as the many other faces of the Conservative movement, must seize this opportunity to reinforce the importance of maintaining a presence on college campuses.  It is essential that this be a time of growth, not retrenchment.  We thank Women’s League for Conservative Judaism for their continued support of the annual KOACH Kallah and look forward to the collaboration of other movement partners in this very important work.
As future leaders of the Jewish community, and the Conservative movement in particular, Save KOACH appreciates that the students of KOACH have been heard and that there is a clear interest in working together to develop a long-term strategic plan for the sustainable growth of KOACH.  We look forward to building an organization which will fulfill the goals of fostering continued campus participation in the Jewish community, as well as provide opportunities and spiritual growth for collegiate Conservative Jewry.
We are committed to being active partners in the dual goals of visioning and fundraising.
We encourage supporters of the KOACH program to visit, and to donate in any manner they see fit.  We have made great strides in sustaining KOACH through the end of December 2012, but are in need of significant financial support to help us through the remainder of the academic year.  This will greatly help to ensure the continued koach (strength) and evolution of the movement’s programming for college students across North America.
KOACH provides college-age students the opportunity to maintain and develop connections to Conservative Judaism. KOACH nurtures a love of Torah, the Jewish people, Israel and God through a variety of activities, including social, religious, educational, cultural and social action programs. We seek to create a passionate Jew who is committed to the future of the Jewish people and the improvement of the world.


One thought on “This Just In: KOACH Saved

  1. ..for now… But is this a good thing?
    Saving the existing Koach, whose minimal budget creates minimal impact, is a band-aid on a heart attack. What can be done with $100K across 25 campuses Koach serves? What’s more, an effort to raise the additional $200K shortfall only clots the wound for just this year, so it doesn’t accomplish much. Next year same thing?
    Maybe this is a missed opportunity to engage potential future leader and funders by using this moment to envision what a new Koach would ideally do. It wouldn’t hurt to try.
    USCJ should put emerging adults at the center of its self-revival efforts. Strong USY and Ramah alumni, to say nothing of non-alumni, deserve a strong Conservative college program.
    This critical moment could be a chance to start with a clean slate and rethink how to serve College students, and thus strengthen the Conservative movement from within by levering its own youth programs, Ramah and USY. Shouldn’t Koach be working hand in hand with them to recruit leaders and participants straight out of these programs?
    Maybe the best way to start fresh and save Koach is to Kill Koach. A better approach might do more than serve college students, it could be at the center of a long-play turnaround for USCJ.

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