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This may be a joke in Israel, but it's day school here

Eretz Nehederet, Israel’s equivalent of Saturday Night Live, shows Israelis what Israel education looks like in the Diaspora. Oops, wait, they’re actually making fun of what Israeli public education would look like if it were run by the Israeli right, like Im Tirtzu. And I was certain this was footage of The David Project and The Israel Project presenting in college classes.
Best lines. Teacher: “We don’t say ‘Arabs’ here.” Student: “Oops, I meant ‘demographic threat’.”

Hat tip to +972 Magazine.

7 thoughts on “This may be a joke in Israel, but it's day school here

  1. That’s not day school here. Those are standard talking points for the Israel on Campus Coalition

  2. Laughed my ass off at this video. But of course, one could make a a funny video using similarly vacuous “progressive” talking points, no?

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