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Thoughts before Tisha B'av

Hey y’all, this is from Daniel Raphael Silverstein, a friend who does some good spoken word. He writes: During the 3 weeks of mourning, culminating in the 9th Av (Tisha B’Av) we mourn the destruction of the 2 previous Jewish Commonwealths, and especially the Temples that were their epicentres. This poem is an attempt to relate this ancient pain to our lives today, and to explain why Tisha B’Av is still very much relevant, not only to Jews, but to all humans. We each have to go through the process of mourning what is lacking, what is still missing from our world, in order to direct ourselves towards rebuilding it as we would like to see it. 1love.

How do you connect to Tisha B’av? What are you committing yourself to fixing?

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