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Thousands Attend Israeli-Palestinian Memorial Day Ceremony in Tel Aviv

For the tenth consecutive year Combatants for Peace hosted a joint Palestinian-Israeli memorial ceremony “honoring the victims, fighting for peace” in Tel Aviv. As violent and racist extremism grows and death tolls rise, the will to mourn together is important as we acknowledge and oppose the occupation and its reality of asymmetrical power. Thousands came to mourn together, listen to beautiful music, and hear from speakers including members of the Parents Circle – Families Forum, made up of Palestinian and Israeli bereaved family members. The venue was so full this year that some couldn’t get in.
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2 thoughts on “Thousands Attend Israeli-Palestinian Memorial Day Ceremony in Tel Aviv

  1. A friend posted a photo from your website on Facebook so I went to the website to see what it is. Unfortunate graphic (website) design as it’s entirely in near zero contrast type-font and text. Very trendy but not designed for anyone visiting the site to be actually able to read it. If you want to make it accessible, user-friendly and readable by adults (and by youth, too) make the type-font and text high-contrast black. Otherwise why bother posting it? Toda/thanks.

  2. MondoWiess had something on some Kahanist showing up and trying disrupt the thing.. Does anyone have info on that and what a banned party showed up for anyway?

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