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Three new projects of Jewish interest at

I’m constantly amazed at the sheer creativity that shows up, looking for a handout, on, the fundraising web site I used to finance the first printing of The Comic Torah. (In case you’re wondering, the book is at the printer’s, waiting to be bound.)
Three new projects with a Jewish angle. A Jewish cartoonist whose humor shaped two generations of Jews. A Palestinian art project with Israeli collaboration. And an iPhone app for one of New York’s most Jewish neighborhoods.

Like most of their Kickstarter peers, offer ample rewards and thanks for two-figure donors. So check them out.

2 thoughts on “Three new projects of Jewish interest at

  1. Hmmm. Sounds like you’re saying: “So you’re creating Reform Judaism. Are you planning a Reform Islam or do you want to stay alive?”
    Or in other words: “Why do all the fundamentalist Muslims get to kill people while I’m stuck mocking people on Jewish blogs?”

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