Thursday Talk

Here’s a chance for all of you New Yorkers out there to meet me in person. I was invited to appear in the following panel this Thursday, where I will probably give my analysis of the Israeli peace and refusal movements. The anti-war movements usually have a very caricaturistic approach to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, so hopefully I might be able to show some other sides to it. The event is organized by United for Peace and Justice:

Forum for the Anti-War Community on Palestine
Thursday, June 10, 6:30 p.m.
Washington Square Church
135 W. 4th Street
btw 6th Avenue & Washington Square Park
A,C,E, B, D, F, Q to W. 4th St.

“The goal of this forum is to provide an opportunity for education and dialogue on Palestine for those in the anti-war community who have not already taken up this issue. We hope to help organizations grapple with the Israeli occupation of Palestine and begin to mobilize around this issue. Palestinian and Jewish speakers will present both analysis and personal experiences and there will also be ample opportunity for discussion and dialogue.

“This event is part of a National Week of Action to End U.S. support for the Israeli occupation of Palestine that is sponsored by United for Peace and Justice and the U.S. Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation. This event is planned and organized by UFPJ New York.”

10 thoughts on “Thursday Talk

  1. Palestinian and Jewish speakers will present both analysis and personal experiences… colour me a cynic, but is anyone else getting sick of the whole ethnic fetish thing? Were I in NYC and thinking about attending, I really wouldn’t care whether there were speakers of Palestinian, Jewish, or Uzbek ancestry. I’d want to hear that speakers with different ideas were going to show up.
    Far be it from me to suggest that criticism, dissent, and a faint distaste for groupthink belong in a Leftish movement, of course. Still, one can’t help but hope.
    Hence: hopefully I might be able to show some other sides to it. That would be good. Though (teasing you now) I suspect that “it’s all Zionism’s fault, the solution is a binational [I mean, no-national; I mean…] state is the only viable one” is not likely to be another side…

  2. good luck bro, I’d go in wearing fatigues and tefillin, haha – United for Peace and Justice folks ran me into the ground one time and called me a Nazi for wearing a Tzahal kippah. Chant them down.

  3. – if the anti-war movement is inherently anti-fascist, its certainly anti-nazi, and as we’ve come to know, its generally anti-Israel. Making the leap isn’t a matter of reality, its a matter of (albeit twisted) logic. like you said, a very caricaturistic view. really sad, i think, especially because so many of these cats love emma goldman.

  4. Just remember that Palestine no longer exists and the ‘Palestinian’ people never actually existed.

  5. eli, i agree. when i got here, one of the reasons i started my own group is that i really didnt find myself in the left here.
    josh, you’re stuck in the disco-era. Long live rock!!!

  6. Why does the idea of mutual exclusivity regarding a secure Israel and an independent Palestine dominate progressive opinion?
    And disco still sucks!

  7. i hate all jews and if i could i would kill everyone except my family…
    the pathetic thing is i am a jew and hate my own kind
    U Too Sharon

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