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Last Wednesday night, the antennas of hundreds of cars in the Emek Refaim and Rehavia area were decorated with especially colorful and ugly ribbons. Initiators of the action, young social activitsts from the underground cell The Clokellective say that they did it from a place of intense revulsion from the display of orange, green, blue and white ribbons.
“We do not believe in ribbons,” said The Clokellective. “We see in them a tasteless phenomenon that is dragging the general conscience of the nation to revolting and infantile places that remind us of Scout summer camp and turn it into a war of ribbons instead of a civil war. We tried to show the ridiculousness of the phenomenon. It is stupid and infuriating.”

10 thoughts on “Tie A Yallah Ribbon

  1. If publicly expressing your stance on issues is tasteless, everyone on here sure falls under that category.
    Sounds to me like just a bunch of rebels without a cause trying to “make a statement” about something for its own sake. Yawn.

  2. you’re missing the point: it’s not that expressing yourself is tasteless. it’s that solely limiting your action to sticking a ribbon on your car is meaningless. “a war of ribbons instead of a civil war.” they’re calling for direct action. for people to take a real stand for their beliefs, rather than engaging in ineffective symbolic gestures.

  3. “a war of ribbons instead of a civil war.” they’re calling for direct action.”
    So you think they’re calling for a ‘real’ civil war because representational democracy is, like, phony and aesthetically ‘tasteless’. (Scout Camp vs. Bloody conflict?)
    If that is indeed their intent it’s truly juvenile, Holden Caufield-level bullshit, in my opinion.
    I liked it better when I thought they were making a statement about the complexity of political decision making within a functioning democracy.

  4. Direct action? What do you mean by that? I think a little more tacky ribbons in the world and a little less direct action might be in order. I’d rather see a million ribbon covered dufuses than one more Yigal Amir.

  5. am i the only the one that sees how hilarious the self-importance of the “young social activists” is? If you are going going to take yourself that seriously, you might want to actually have something to say.

  6. I like that rebels without a cause . It’s been a long time since I’ve seen that expression used correctly.
    Mobius, how can you/why do you assume that everyone who has a ribbon on their cars/trucks/buses is ‘solely limiting their action to that?’
    You’re really funny lately.

  7. Daniel Gordis, director of the Mandel Leadership Institute, wrote this awesome dispatch about his experience with warring ribbons – in his own family. Seems similar to Clokellective’s statement (if I’m understanding it right) about healthy indecisiveness and contemplation of the issue.
    Monday, July 04, 2005
    Good, As Good As Can

  8. “We do not believe in ribbons,” said The Clokellective.
    Er, does that make them atheists?

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