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This is so unpolitical, so unprogressive, so unreligious, so goshdarned secularly luxuriant and indulgent that I am almost ashamed. But that’s what you guys keep me around for right? The shameless product promotion and the random culture tips.
Okay, so a friend of a friend has launched a bimonthly e-newsletter called The Honey which is kind of an upscale travel guide to Israel. Where to get your high thread count, slow-cooked, shiatsu, wild-berry picking vacay on. This week’s issue hypes a Mitze Ramon inn with private sukkot.
I don’t live in Israel but this is the sort of thing I would have loved to read while planning my summer trip.

6 thoughts on “Tiyul it up

  1. We’ve stayed at Sukka Bamidbar. It’s an awesome place (great veggie food, unique accommodations, incredible desert environment) and we’d definitely go back, but folks going there should know what they’re getting into.
    It’s essentially luxury camping. They provide everything (bedding, food at the main tent, a jug of water outside your sukkah, etc.). But you sleep on a mattress on the ground, there is no running water and you have to walk through the desert to an outhouse when nature calls. In other words, it’s “upscale,” but not in a way that would appeal to the high-thread-count set.

  2. Ooh- you know what would appeal to the high thread-count set in Mitzpe? There’s an amazing, amazing chocolate cafe in the indutrial park/shopping are of Mitzpe. If I recall correctly, the owners were in Belgium for many years before returning to Israel and their shop is a complete class act. All kinds of beautiful drinks and sweets. I think they also have classes and a large room for groups. Ah- they have a website:

  3. I am more than slightly offended by your description of The Honey. Indeed, the editors/founders are friends of mine, and are wonderful people who embody much of what is right with olim in this country. That they try to let Americans (and others) know about how to make Israel more comfortable (not financially speaking, but as in feeling at home), is nothing to be ashamed of.

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