3 thoughts on “Todd & God: How to Hang a Mezuzah

  1. The DJ in me digs this.
    The Jew in me? … a bit skeptical.
    But I’m impressed with what you did with Move Your Body. It’s probably the first time that I heard a berakha set to an old-school house anthem.

  2. Wasn’t sure if I dug this or not – til I was told my mezuzah had to slant to the inside. Yo wake up “My Jewish Learning;” this is a minhag. This isn’t the first time that MJL has pulled something like this… they need some cultural awareness – which would of course lead to a better video as Sephardi/Mizrachi minhag is “straight up,” which of course could have led our DJ G-d to pull out an old Paula Abdul track “straight up now tell me” – which would be appropriate because she is a Sephardi Jew (who I’m told lights Shabbat candles).

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