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Innovations in Progressive Kashrut

Want to see the cutting edge of eating? It’s not the locally grown, free-range kosher chicken co-op I recently joined. It’s not the raw food movement or the slow food movement or even the creeping horror that New York has unleashed into the world that places calorie counts on fast food menus (coming soon to Boston and beyond)!
No, the best thing to happen to food, perhaps ever, happened tonight, in my kitchen.
I give you…

Deep-fried Tofutti Cuties

Deep-fried Tofutti Cuties

(This is what happen when you leave me and TheWanderingJew alone with a deep fryer and free time.)
And you can do it too! Take one Tofutti Cutie. Cut it into smaller pieces. (I like it cut in thirds; TheWanderingJew liked it cut in half.) Roll it around in crushed up Rice Krispies mixed with a dash of cinnamon. Dip into tempura batter. Roll it around again in the Rice Krispies. Deep fry in Canola or your favorite vegetable oil. Share and enjoy.
Suck it, JCarrot! Eat dirt, KosherBlog! The cutting edge of kosher deliciousness is in my belly.

13 thoughts on “Innovations in Progressive Kashrut

  1. Please help me to understand! I’ve never had a Tofutti Cutie that wasn’t cold. Wouldn’t having one hot be undesirable?
    I’ve been vegan for six years, but I’ve been lactose-intolerant my whole life, so trust me when I say that I’m a Tofutti Cuties connoisseur. 🙂

  2. When one fries ice cream (or its vegan equivalent), the batter hardens quickly enough (and the cooking time is short enough) that, if the ice cream (of its vegan equivalent) is properly frozen, it won’t melt. The result is a delicious merging of a hot, crispy outside with a cold, smooth (and still frozen) inside.

  3. Incidentally, even though we used eggs in our preparation, you could definitely do this without eggs. (Perhaps substituting beer batter for the tempurah batter, if yeast is concordant with your practice.)

  4. Deep Fried Vegan Ice Cream…that’s just too mind blowing to think about…which means I’ll probably have to make it..I better prepare my heart first so I don’t have a coronary failure on the spot…

  5. It is worth noting that both feygele and I reported hangover-like conditions the next morning caused by the fried goodness. If anyone’s attempting this at home, make sure you chase it with LOTS of water!

  6. Wow. You could serve this at a county fair, no problem….
    Uh, but I thin given my family health history, I’ll stick to… anything else.Not deep fried. Sounds, uh, tasty though. Or something.

  7. You know, I’ve met a vegan who actually gained weight following his turn to veganism. The reason? Fried food.

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