Tomkat "Doomed"

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes released a statement via their publicist (sorry Lilit for beating you to the punch) announcing the birth of their 7 pound 7 ounce daughter. The daughter’s name is Suri. People explained: “The name Suri has its origins in Hebrew meaning “princess,” or in Persian meaning “red rose,” the rep added.”
Gawker, though, that bastion of snarky New York media news, seems to have a different dictionary than the rest of the media sources. They say the daughter is “reportedly named Suri, which means “doomed” in Hebrew and “utterly fucked” in Persian.” This is likely a joke.
Unless I’m miscounting, Suri is the now second most famous Scientologist-Jew – appropriate following Tom Cruise’s news that one can be a Jew and a Scientologist both. And this follows another auspicious birth named after a our tradition – little Moses. Who’s next?

4 thoughts on “Tomkat "Doomed"

  1. Suri is the Yiddish diminutive for Sarah. I bet that if they have a boy, they will name him “Avremele” — the Yiddish diminutive for Abraham.

  2. I think some people mix up being a Jew and Jewish religion. Jewish name has nothing to do with Jewish religion as there are some Jew who don’t actually believe in God. Being a Jew is like being American or English has nothing to do with religion a person follows. Tom chose Jewish name which again has nothing to do with his Scientologist beliefs. ( Pardon my english) Sole

  3. You’ve never heard the same Suri before? I know a few people with that name.
    I think that Gawker was referring to a name taken from Baby Names for Extremely Pessimistic or Depressed Parents. He is probably thinking of Tzuri, which is poor Hebrew or Yiddish for “troubled,” as in tzurus. I forget the exact Hebrew word for it, though I know the root. Didn’t Ezekiel name one of his children that?

  4. That’s not ‘news’.
    The idea that Scientology is compatable with traditional religions is part of their ‘party line’. I heard that from a Scientologist years ago.
    Tom & Kate, & Suri are lucky. They’ll never worry about going broke from payment to their ‘church’.

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