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Tonight- Sunday- in Boston: Anti-Semitism and the Left

Sunday, May 6th – 5-7 pm
Real Conversations About the ‘A’ Word:
Building Stronger Social Justice Movements While Resisting Antisemitism

Workmen’s Circle Building, 1762 Beacon Street, Brookline
5:00 – 7:00pm
With April Rosenblum
For the past decade or so, discussion of antisemitism has been largely co-opted by the Right and used as a tool for fear mongering.  Many of us on the Left have been turned off from these conversations – yet haven’t found spaces within our progressive circles to address antisemitism when real concerns do arise. April Rosenblum, a 27 year old activist with long-time commitment to building movements for social justice, makes the case that addressing antisemitism is crucial – both for Jews, and for everyone who wants to create powerful movements for social justice.  Join us for this opportunity to talk about antisemitism and how to address it within the Left, while strengthening, not distracting from, our progressive movement building.
This event will also be the public release of April’s newly-completed resource for activists, “The Past Didn’t Go Anywhere”
Suggested donation: $3-$10
Co-Sponsored by the Workmen’s Circle, Organized Voice: the alumni
community of the Jewish Organizing Initiative, Kavod House and more.

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