Torat HaGuf: Yiddishe Yoga

The Baltimore Sun reports,

As she perfected a yoga pose demanding a balance of strength and surrender, Myriam Klotz “understood in a flash” a parallel principle developed by spiritual master Baal Shem Tov, founder of Judaism’s Hasidic movement. The principle stresses the importance of remaining both firm and supple in one’s spiritual explorations.
“Once I got that in yoga through a bodily experience, I saw insights into that teaching … and vice versa,” says Klotz, a yoga instructor and rabbi trained in the progressive Reconstructionist movement. Over the years, she has created an art form that merges yoga and Judaism into what she calls Torat haGuf, or “Torah of the body.”
The “sense of discovery” that motivates a prayerful or intellectual search for the divine may also be manifested in a person’s physical life, says Klotz, 41, a teacher at the Institute for Jewish Spirituality, based in Northampton, Mass. Torat haGuf is a “different expression” of the same impulse, she says.

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