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Toronto: Conference March 28-30

Poorly named, but consider going anyway.
The “Independent Canadian Jewish Conference” is at the end of the month, with goals of building a Canadian (or North American) network of individuals and groups who want to work for peace in Israel/Palestine; ally with Muslims, Palestinians, and Arabs; coordinate national campaigns in Canada for peace and justice in Israel/Palestine.
I don’t have much more information than the poster [pdf ] offers, but I do know that one of the Jewish speakers is hoping that he’s not the only religious (frum) Jew who’ll be attending…
(Contact information on the poster.)

One thought on “Toronto: Conference March 28-30

  1. Why don’t you let the Israelis solve their problems?
    You sit in the comfort of North America and tell the Israelis to “exercise restraint”, while thier kids are being routinely murdered.

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