Trance Opening

Pearl Gluck and Basya Shechter’s installation, Trance, opened tonight at the Eldridge St. Project. The installation, which features Ms. Gluck’s camerwork accompanied by Ms. Shechter’s audio arrangements, vividly interprets Jewish life on New York’s Lower East Side. The show runs through July 30th.

Pearl Gluck exhibits “People of the Book”—a video collage displayed on an LCD screen inset into a book holder by the synagogue’s Aron Kodesh—to a group of Buddhist monks.

“Trance,” a piece depicting interspersed closeups of an elderly woman, is inset into the synagogue’s Bimah.

“Pickles” is a virtual visit to a Kosher deli, oddly enough within the synagogue’s retired lavatory. A WC “within the sanctuary of a synagogue is not a typical occurence in the construction of temples.”

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