3 thoughts on ““Transgender, Not Transfer!” — Queer Anarchist Graffiti in Jerusalem

  1. “The statement continued, “We see a clear connection between the oppression of sexual minorities and the oppression of the Palestinian community in Jerusalem that is being much more violently oppressed. The house demolitions, the building of the wall, the police violence, the criminal neglect and all the other means the city of Jerusalem is using to make the life of one-third of its residents hell is very much connected to the oppression of other minority groups. The origin of all of this oppression is the same, and those struggling to be liberated from oppression, be it sexual, national, economic or others must be united.”
    o c’mon…if you asked most if not all of the palestinian national factions, especially the ones who understand their situation as simply a “struggle” they would be quite hesisant to form a coalition with gay Jews. It’s intellectually flawed, does an injustice to the texture of the GLBT struggle both in Jerusalem and the world and unfairly characterizes the Palestinian national movement as something linked to all struggles – whether they concern municipal policy or nationalist conflicts. Its this sort of shoddily routed activism that alienates progressive zionists who see a unique validity in their own struggle.
    graffiti is fine, but its not scholarly…

  2. Speaking of…
    The police chief announced that virtually all Israeli policepeople will be taking part in the expulsion plan and that this summer’s massive Gay parade in Jerusalem is about to be canned since he can’t guarantee enough manpower.

  3. “We will keep on fighting for a pluralistic and more equal Jerusalem, free from racism, homophobia and cheauvanism, with out walls, checkpoints, cops, or soldiers and with immense love and freedom.”
    They should throw a big rave and invite the PA

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