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22 Yiddish Feminism & Yom Kippur Balls

On this week’s episode, we talked about CKUT’s funding drive (please donate if you can!), a journalist who doesn’t understand our tagline, Canadian PM Justin Trudeau’s visit to a synagogue, and that giant cross of secularism. We were joined by Annie Cohen to discuss Jewdas’ recent Yom Kippur Ball, as well as the collective’s organizing against the institutional Jewish community in the UK. Finally, we spoke with Sandy Fox of the recently-launched podcast Vaybertaytsh, to talk about Yiddish Feminism, and podcasting.
Show Notes
-CKUT 90.3FM Funding Drive!!
Montreal Gazette, “McGill Daily satire revives tensions over BDS movement”
CJNews, “Trudeau Attends Kol Nidre Services at Montreal Synagogue”
Jewdas’ Website
-Jewdas’ Facebook Page
Al Jazeera, “Remembering the Battle of Cable Street“
Jewdas Presents: Geoffrey Cohen’s Fascism-Smashing New Year
Jewish Anarchists and the long lost Yom Kippur Ball of Montreal
-Rebecca Margolis ‘A Tempest in Three Teapots: Yom Kippur Balls in London, New York, and Montreal’
Jewdas’ Babel’s Blessing- Radical Language School
Treyf Podcast Short: UK Anti-Semitism with Joseph Finlay
-Vaybertaytsh Website
-Vaybertaytsh Facebook Page
-Sandy Fox’s Website
Yiddish Farm
-CTV News, “Reclining cross restored to base of Mt. Royal, 40 years later”
-Montreal Gazette, “Pierre Ayot’s Corridart cross remade 40 years later“
-Treyf Podcast’s #WarOnChristmas
-Gothamist, “‘Animal Holocaust!’: Protests Against Ritual Jewish Chicken Slaughter Get Ugly“
-CJNews, “Outremont to open registries on places of worship ban”

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