Treyf Podcast Episode 11: Karen Soffer Sharon on Mizrahi identity
Identity, Justice

Treyf Podcast Episode 11: Mizrahi Resistance to Anti-Arab Racism

After talking about it for a few weeks, our first episode (on Jewschool) is finally here! 
We spoke with Keren Soffer Sharon about her work as a Member Leader at Jews for Racial & Economic Justice [JFREJ], where she has been building the organization’s first Mizrahi Caucus. We talked about the institutional Jewish community’s awkward attempts to talk “intersectionality” as a means of countering the growing BDS movement in North America. Lastly, Skhoyakh’s were given to Jewish Voice for Peace’s anti-islamophobia Chanukah actions, and the two activists/academics who took the Toronto Star to task for questionable historical fluff pieces. 
If you’d like to find any of the articles that we mentioned on the episode, we have all of the links in our show notes. As always, please send comments and suggestions to [email protected].

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