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Treyf Podcast Episode 12: #CancelPinkwashing and the Intersectionality Boogieman

It’s Wednesday, which means that a new episode of Treyf is online! If you’re sick and tired of reading about Iowa and New Hampshire, tune in to our 12th episode for in-depth coverage of CancelPinkwashing and Tablet Magazine. 

This week, we addressed the deluge of #intersectionality related articles in the Jewish press, and spoke with Liza Behrendt of Jewish Voice for Peace about the CancelPinkwashing mobilization that took place at the National LGBTQ Task Force’s Creating Change Conference in Chicago. Our (newly appointed) New York media correspondent Jonathan Katz discussed the place of Tablet Magazine in the Jewish mediascape, and for those keeping track, we re-introduced the anti-Shkoyach.
You can find the show notes here.
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