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Treyf e15: Canada Park With Ismail Zayid

On this episode we try to explain the story of Purim, discuss our love for graggers (or is it groggers… this issue was hotly debated several days ago), and successfully meet the show’s JewCon requirements. We talked with Tyler Levitan from Independent Jewish Voices about the Canadian Jewish News’ refusal to publish anti-Zionist perspectives, Sam tries to explain sports to David, and we issue a Shkoyach to anti-fascist activists in Montreal who shut down a Jewish Defence League event honouring a British fascist. For the interview, we’re joined by retired professor and longtime activist Ismail Zayid to talk about the JNF’s Canada Park and his over 40 years of work advocating for the right of return for displaced Palestinians.
As always, you can find the show notes here.
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