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Twelve Days of Christmas in Palestine

Twelve assassinations / Eleven homes demolished / Ten wells obstructed / Nine sniper towers / Eight gunships firing / Seven checkpoints blocking / Six tanks a-rolling / Five settlement rings / Four falling bombs / Three trench guns / Two trampled doves / And an uprooted olive tree.
Just warms your heart that this is the Christmas present Israel has given to Bethlehem for at least the last 10 years.

5 thoughts on “Twelve Days of Christmas in Palestine

  1. It’s one thing to discuss the situation rationally, but singing songs which don’t even reflect the current reality (when last were there assassinations and tanks in the territories?) smacks of 3 minute hate. Only longer.

  2. Jewschool has long been little more than a venue for anti-Israel ranting. What about 12 Qassam Shootings/11 Stabbings/10 Rock Throwings/9 Synagogues Burned Down/8 Incitements to Kill Jews/7 Smuggling-Tunnels/6 Car Shootings/5 Roadside Bombs/4 Martyrs Revered/3 Bulldozers Tramplings/And a Suicide Bomber Jumping out from Behind a Tree…
    Not on Jewschool, ?? ???? ??????…

  3. LB: That doesn’t even fit the rhythm scheme. FAIL@poetry. It’s easier to parody Christian songs when they concern Christian issues (e.g. security crackdowns in Bethlehem). Perhaps you should do a Likudnik version of Maoz Tzur, or Chanike oy Chanike, or better yet – White Christmas.
    On a more substantive note, it’s not that we deny that those are happening, it’s simply that we point out the incessant ways your camp tries to overshadow the crimes of one side over the other.

  4. A night of anti-Israeli Christmas carols? What is wrong with these guys? And who are these Jews who co-sponsored this horrible event?
    Should Jews really be co-sponsoring an anti-Israel night of Christams caroling? This is wrong so on many levels.
    What a despicable group of people.

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