Two Types of Peace

The Israeli-Palestinian Comedy Tour (which I co-produced last time around, and which features Jewschool & Radical Torah contributor Aaron Freeman) is back in Israel for their second run, this time with twice as many dates and locations. For the low-down, peep this excellent video, also shot by one of the event’s co-producers. They’ll be at Kol HaNeshamah motzei Shabbat to wrap up their tour, so if you didn’t get to see ’em last time around, don’t miss out.
If you’re not in the holy land, but you’re nonetheless obsessed with it, head down to DC for the Brit Tzedek V’Shalom annual conference, also beginning this motzei Shabbat. I’ll be speaking on the opening panel, “Organizing in the American Jewish Community: Unique Challenges and Opportunities,” with Hadar Susskind of the JCPA and Debbie Stillman of the NCJW.

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