I don’t know which of my editors, in the act of approving visitor comments, let all the hatemongers up in here, but it’s not acceptable. One more allusion to either Jews or Muslims being Nazis, one more mean-spirited sweeping generalization that “All Zionists are…” or “All Arabs are…” and I’m locking down the threads so that only registered users can participate (so I can more easily ban those who get out of line).
Really, this war has brought out the very worst in people. I’m thoroughly appalled by both the Right and Left. The extremists within both factions have added nothing but fuel to an open flame. And though I’m not interested in a hegemony of viewpoints, I am interested in derech eretz (common decency). I came up with the Jewish Bloggers for Responsible Speech Online campaign for a reason, and I’ll be damned if I don’t enforce it in my own house.
If you can’t behave like a mentsch, take it somewhere else. This is a designated hate-free zone. That goes for Jewschool contributors as well as commentors.

17 thoughts on “Um…

  1. Good shit.
    >shakes fist like comic book villain

  2. Uh-oh, Jewchool’s jumped the shark! Another inclusive, hippy-ish space encounters some problems and promptly becomes a fascist dictatorship that stamps out verbotenthink. Just like the Park Slope co-op.
    Stalin supported “freedom of speech” for people whose opinions he liked, and he disappeared people whose opinions he disliked. Just like the neo-Stalinoid Mobius.
    Of course, “freedom of speech” isn’t an issue at Jewschool, because it’s not a public space. Mobius runs it, and he’s entitled to define the limits of acceptable discourse just like any stuffed-suit corporate overlord telling his peons what words they are allowed to use in email. So I guess “neo-Stalinoid” isn’t the right description so much as “neo-Stalinoid-cum-corporate-overlord”.
    Yusuf al-Amriki

  3. I’m just glad you transliterated “mentsch” correctly. So many leave out the “t,” which is so Nazi–I mean, German. 😉

  4. yusuf — so as far as you’re concerned, calling each other nazis is conducive to productive and meaningful conversation? and saying otherwise makes me a stalinist (which is not better than calling me a nazi, considering how many deaths stalin presided over)? if you want to throw epiteths at people, go hang out on IMC. jewschool is supposed to be a “conscious community,” not a free for all.

  5. I can GER-UN-TEE you that grammarians and linguists everywhere want the word “nazi” abolished from all use except in reference to folks like Hitler and the dearly departed celebrated soprano Miss. Elisabeth Swartskopf. This coming from a former “grammar nazi” as dubbed by non-mentsch-like folk. Anyhow.
    Rawr. I’m done kvetching. For now.

  6. My neo-Stalinist friends would shudder at the thought of Mobius being one of them. No self respecting Stalinist would practice religion; A Stalinist would simply ban people, not admonish them to behave better.
    Mob, you are a BAD neo-Stalinist. On the other hand, you appear to be a nice Jewish boy….

  7. Mobius, thank you for proving to us all that you’re a liar with an infantile sense of humor. Is this working out for you in your love life?

  8. TM,
    I have to admit, I was a bit perplexed by the comment attributed to you, and, from your response, I’m taking the inferential leap that it wasn’t yours. But do you have a real reason to believe Mobius posted it? Not a crime against humanity, I suppose, but hardly evidence of comic genius either.

  9. David, it is the third time he has done this to my writing. I once made a comment attacking Walt Mearsheimer & Cole, and Mobi decided that I was talking about some poster here whose name is Cole. Instead of asking me whether that’s what I meant, he attacked me and threatened my comment with revision. When I responded with amusement (since I had no idea there was even a poster by the name of Cole here), he modified my comment to that poo comment you see above. When I then told him this was infantile humor, he edited my comment to read “I am a contemptable [sic] person.” When I corrected him on his spelling, he went back to poo. I figure a little bit of Freudian analysis – or, alternatively, a girlfriend – might help him a bit with this problem.

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